Sodium Fluorosilicate (SSF)

Chemical formula:


Standard executed:


Molecular weight:



Odorless, white crystalline powder or granular in appearance. Relative density of 2.68. Medium poisonous, stimulating. Neutral in cold water solution, acidic in hot water decomposition.


Mainly used as an enamel help solvent, glass opacifier, acid-proof daub, concrete coagulator, and wood preservative. Also used as an ingredient in insecticides, as a hygroscopic agent of acid-proof cement, in the fluoridation of pharmacy sodium fluoride and in the process of making cryolith.

Packaging and storage: 

50 kg in woven bag and lined with polyethylene plastic bags. Store in a dry and well-ventilated area. Should not be near open dumps, strictly prohibited inside the humans and animals, and kept completely separate from acid, feed and food products.