Hydroxyl Silicone Oil

Chemical formula:


Kinematical viscosity: 

25~40mm2/s (25℃)

Product standard:GB/T 20435-2006
Product description:

lt is a kind of linear polydimethylsiloxane with terminal hydroxyl; oily Liquid with general performance of methyl silicon oil.


lt can be used as a silicone rubber based structure control agent, fabric-based finishing agent and paper-based of anti-adhesive agent. Application: The most widely used organic silicone monomer in the production of DMC and D4 organic silicone products.

Packaging and storage:

stored at shady, cool and ventilated warehouse that the temperature is not higher than 30℃.Keep away from acid substances. All lighting facilities and ventilation equipment should be explosion-proof. Take care of handling to avoid package or drum damage.