Building Silicone Sealant

Build silicone sealant is a condensed room temperature vulcanized silicone rubber . lt has properties of temperature-proof anti-aging ,physiological inertia, good chemicals stability and margin-resistance. lt can be vulcanized at room temperature and atmospheric pressure. It also can be solidified into an elastomer without heating and pressing .

According to different usages, building silicone sealant can be mainly structural sealant ,weather-proof sealant ,insulating-glass sealant and window-door sealant:

Structural sealant is mainly used for structural bonding assembly of glass curtain wall with hidden frame and structural bonding seal for insulating glass of curtain wall.

Weather-proof sealant is mainly used for sealant sealing of exterior seams of all kinds of curtain walls.                                                                               

lnsulating-glass sealant is mainly used for non-structural adhesive sealing of window-window insulating glass.                                                                   

Window-door sealant is mainly used for door and window installation sealant and also can be used for indoor decoration sealant caused by a variety of cracks.