62% glyphosate isopropylamine salt

Chemical formula:


Molecular weight:


Standard Executed: 

GB/ t20684-2017


 colorless or light yellow liquid, soluble in water, stable to light, stable at 60 (without opening the package).


glyphosate is a low toxicity herbicide with wide spectrum and internal absorption conductivity. Glyphosate can effectively prevent and remove monocotyledons and dicotyledons, annual and perennial herbs and shrub weeds, and has a strong effect on perennial weeds such as white grass, radix aconite and dogtooth root. Glyphosate is now widely used in the chemical weeding of orchards, mulberry plantations, tea plantations, rubber plantations, sugar cane plantations and no-till and wasteland, with low toxicity to fish and aquatic organisms and no toxicity to bees and birds.

Packing and storage:

IBC bulk, 200L drums.