The company has established four major career development channels of management, technology, marketing and skills, of which the technical channel is set up in three series of projects, finance and economy. The staff set up multiple occupation development channel, for professional and technical personnel, management personnel and skilled workers of the growth of the establishment of a new channel, through the establishment of different post promotion sequence for all kinds of talents especially new talents to build a broad stage to display.

The use of the talents, the company pays particular attention to the recruitment of college students from enabled talents or promising talent, through the layers of assessment, and recommended internal open recruitment of public recruitment and other measures to make excellent employees show no talent shows itself, the vitality of the grass-roots management personnel and technical personnel.

  • Management channel

    The grass-roots management, middle management assistant deputy chief of the middle management - middle management - Assistant General Manager and above (executives)

  • Technical channel

    Assistant economist - economist - Assistant Chief Economist - Chief Economist - Deputy Chief Economist - General economist

    Assistant Accountant - Accountant - Deputy Chief Accountant - Chief Accountant - Deputy Chief Accountant - General Accountant

    Assistant Engineer - Engineer - Deputy Director Engineer - Chief Engineer - Deputy Chief Engineer - General Engineer

  • Marketing channel

    Business Manager - Business Manager Assistant - Business Manager - Business Manager - Senior Business Manager

  • Skill channel

    Senior Engineer - Technician - Senior Technician - chief technician