Methyl Disulfide

Chemical formula:


Molecular weight:


Standard executed: 

Q/XFXJ 01—2017


Methyl disulfide is a volatile organic compound. Colorless to yellowish liquid.


Mainly used in the preparation of pesticide intermediates; in oil refining industry, widely used as activator in preliminary vulcanization procedure of catalyzers in certain products' (including naphtha, gasoline, kerosene, diesel soil) hydrodesulfurization, hydrocracking process; Anti-coking agents for steam crackers and hydrofining units; Intermediate of pesticide; also used as additives in fuel, lubricating,and some organic chemical reactions inhibitors. It’s the main material for manufacturing methyl sulfonyl chloride and methyl sulfonic acid.And it’s Prescribe allowable edible spices in China.

Packaging and storage: 

200L steel drum,or antistatic plastic drum.Store in a cool, well-ventilated dedicated storehouse, away from fire sources.Separate from chemicals such as oxidant, acid, halogen, alkali, etc.